Running an Online StudyBuddy Study

If you want to run an online StudyBuddy study, you will first need to design your Qualtrics tasks, and then enter them and your study details into both StudyBuddy and Sona. Once you have completed those steps, you are ready to test and launch your study.

Testing Your StudyBuddy Study

To test your StudyBuddy study, you should use the following steps:

  1. Log in to Sona as a researcher and view your study’s information. Ensure that the course is restricted to be viewed only by students in the “Test Course”. Then select View/Administer Time Slots and select the All Timeslots tab. If there are no timeslots listed, click the Add A Timeslot button at the top. If there are timeslots listed (there should be only one), click the Modify button for that timeslot. Set a final participation 2 or 3 days in the future and set the maximum number of participants to 3.
  2. Open the studies table in StudyBuddy, find your study in the table, and edit it. Set the Flags field to “PT” (Pass-Thru). This enables the testing of the system and communication without requiring user input.
  3. Log in to Sona as a participant in an incognito window. If you are not able to select participant when you log in, see Alan or the Lab Administrator. You should see a list of studies including the study you just posted. Select your study. Note: You may see other studies listed. Do not click on those studies as doing so will interfere with other researchers testing their studies.