About StudyBuddy

StudyBuddy is an application that allows users to chain together a series of separate Qualtrics experimental tasks into a single 45-minute study. It interfaces with the department Sona site (https://ufl-mkt.sona-systems.com) for both the posting of the study to the research pool and the crediting of participants after completing the study. It allows researchers to link to their study using a single, static URL and allows for easy testing of the entire study, including automated crediting. 

How Does StudyBuddy Work?

To use StudyBuddy, researchers enter information about their Qualtrics task into StudyBuddy. Then, a researcher or lab administrator combines tasks into a study expected to last about 45 minutes long, across all tasks. The resulting study can be deployed either as an online study accessed through Sona or as a standalone study run in the behavior lab.

StudyBuddy works by looking up the study in question for a given participant and then opening the tasks the comprise that study in the designate order, tracking their progress and completion all for the same participant. Once the final task in the study is completed, StudyBuddy can optionally contact Sona to award that participant credit for that study automatically.

How Do I Use StudyBuddy?

To use StudyBuddy, you need to use two Qualtrics libraries (SB_Start_Task and SB_End_Task). These are available to researchers who have access to the UF Marketing Behavior Lab Qualtrics library. You may find it easier to simply create your task within a copy of SB_Task_Template in that same library. If you do not currently have access to this library, contact Alan Cooke.