Student Team


Lily Haak

Lily Haak is the Student Director of Project Navigate, and is a Senior studying Economics at the University of Florida. Ms Haak’s background is in alternative finance and FinTech, which has evolved into a penchant for researching technology policy. She serves as the Sr. Development Manager for AlgoGators, UF’s only quantitative finance firm. Ms. Haak also is a research candidate at CUR, where she studies the digital identity. She writes for several undergraduate journals, including the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative and the Florida Undergraduate Law Review, focusing on data privacy, intellectual property in the age of Artificial Intelligence, and algorithmic decision making, as well as women’s issues.

Rafeh Khan is the policy analyst for Project Navigate, and a pre-law student studying Business Management and Political Science at the University of Florida. Mr Khan brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the realm of policy as a debate coach for the #1 ranked debate team in the state and the former Executive Director of the Current Events Club, a national platform for students to engage with topics about local policies and international affairs. Mr. Khan’s background stretches further than just policy as an intern at Align Private Capital, a mid-sized family office, last summer.

Mia Molinelli is the quantitative analyst for Project Navigate, and is a Senior studying Economics while also pursuing a combined Master’s of Science in Management degree at the University of Florida. Ms. Molinelli’s background is in economic consulting and market analysis which has grown into a broader fascination with global economies. She currently serves as the Director of Relations for Dream Team Engineering and completed an internship in London with Europe Economics this past summer. Having previously been an analyst for gator Wealth and Asset Management and working in Morgan Stanley’s Corporate and Institutional Solutions division this summer, her curiosity for economics and finance is constantly expanding.

Andrew Domonkos is the Research Analyst of Project Navigate and is a Freshman studying Finance at the University of Florida. He also serves as the Warrington College of Business chair within the Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students. Impassioned by AI technology and its impact on international business, Mr. Domonkos actively explores its implications. Beyond his academic pursuits, he occupies roles as a corporate manager and lead product designer for Florida’s largest fireworks distribution company. Additionally, he oversees an immigration application center sponsored by Cambridge University.