Under Review or Revision/Completed Paper

  • “Phygital Experiences: Optimization and Tailoring Strategies for Selling on the Online Platform” with Hongseok Jang and Young Kwark
  • “Battling Therapeutic Inertia in Diabetes Management: Empirical Evidence from Patient Portal” with Y. Kim, S.J. Youn, K.S. Jung, Y. Kwark, D.-G. Ko
  • “Encroachment of Retailer’s Own-Brand Business: Is Data Sharing Push a Remedy in the e-Marketplace?” with Yeongin Kim, Seokjun Youn, and Young Kwark
  • “Review Adjustment as a Service (RAAS): Implication of Imperfect Classifier for the Online Marketplace Participants” with Hongseok Jang, Young Kwark, and Haldun Aytug, 
  • “A Threat or Not? The Information-Rich Marketplace’s Market Entry and Information Sharing” with Yeongin Kim, Seokjun Youn, and Young Kwark
  • “Selling and Leasing for Digital Goods with Piracy in Supply Chains” with Hongseok Jang, Janice, Janice Carrillo, and Young Kwark
  • “Demand Spillover in Sharing Economics: Impact of Bike-Sharing Network on Home-sharing Performance” with K. S. Jung, J. Kwon, J. Liu and M. Wen


  • Optimization Issues in Influencer Marketing on Online Social Networks (with R. Mallipeddi, C. Sriskandarajah)