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Administered by Business Career Services staff, assisted by CAP Mentors, and complimented by company presentations, the Career Success class is designed to help sophomores narrow the scope of their career exploration, with the ultimate goal of helping them secure an internship and ultimately, a full-time job prior to their graduation from the Warrington College of Business. Taking an “interactive” approach to career success during each class, this new course puts into action the skills you’ve been taught throughout the semester.

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  • Identifying functional careers in business based upon your chosen major
  • Resume 2.0: Advanced tools to construct a quality resume, utilizing standards and the START method practiced by Business Career Services
  • Nailing the Interview: Advanced tools in utilizing the START method to conduct a highly effective job interview
  • Tips and tactics on managing a case interview
  • In-Class Company Visits: Hear direct from employers themselves, while in class, what they seek in successful business executives
  • Crafting an effective 30-second elevator pitch and confidently communicating it to others
  • Becoming the Recruiter: A case exercise where you become the recruiter and evaluate talent. Learn how recruiters assess talent so that you know how to effectively showcase the qualities they are looking for
  • Learn the skills and abilities of becoming an effective networker, both online and in-person
  • Understanding the Academic Recruiting Cycle and the importance of an early start

Develop your internship search marketing plan, 5-Point Email, and LAMP list


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