Clif Bar Business with Purpose Post-College Scholarship

Clif Bar is an organic food company whose success came not from
selling out – but by staying true to our Five Aspirations: Sustaining our
Business, Brands, People, Community, and Planet for long-term.

With our Business with Purpose Scholarship, we hope to inspire
tomorrow’s business leaders to believe that they can be successful
while also staying focused on a greater sense of purpose.

We’re looking for graduating seniors who want to do something
purposeful with the first year of their post-graduate life that will have
impact on People, Planet, or Communities – and are motivated to bring
that purpose-driven experience into their future business career.

The Award Includes:

  • 9-12 months for students to explore their purpose after graduation
  • Up to $37,172 to pay off their loans (the #1 source of debt)
  • A $3,000/month stipend for bills while students complete the program
  • Individual mentorship from Clif employees who will help students explore their purpose and guide them toward integrating purpose into their careers

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