JP Morgan Chase & Co.

“At JP Morgan Chase, we have an obsession for helping our customers, taking care of our employees, a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, building relationships, and delivering extraordinary customer service. Using the latest banking solutions combined with cutting-edge financial technology you’ll be front and center representing our brand, and providing superior customer service, to offer our customers the best solutions for their financial needs. If you are passionate about people, helping to improve the lives of our customers through financial solutions, education, and advice, and want to join an exemplary team, then join us at JPMorgan Chase.”

JP Morgan is hiring the following roles in their Branches and is looking for Military Veterans with the skills in the following areas:

-Branch Manager Trainee
-Personal Banker
-Lead Teller Operations Specialist
-Relationship Banker
-Private Client Banker
-Retail Banker
-Home Lending Advisor
-Private Client Advisor

Chase Recruiters will be online to chat and discuss these career opportunities.

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Student Government Positions Available

No matter what your major is, there are opportunities for you within Student Government Productions! Whether you like music or you are looking for a Directorship in Graphic Design, Public Relations, Student Outreach, Sponsorships, Day-of-Show, or Announcing, SGP has a position that will add real, quality experience to your resume.

Apply online using the link below, and be sure to download the application before you complete it.

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Getting in the Groove

As we make our way to or back to school, think about exploring:

  • Physical Exercise
    • Something as simple as taking a daily walk around campus could help you get back into the swing of things much quicker
  • Regular Sleep Schedule
    • The sooner you begin going to bed at a reasonable time and getting up earlier, the sooner you’ll stop singing the post-summer blues and be ready for your studies.
  • Healthy Eating
    • By making an effort to start eating healthier foods once you arrive/return, you’ll gradually find yourself feeling more alert and invested in your education.
  • Routines
    • By diving head first back into your old or new routine of attending classes and fulfilling those academic responsibilities on a regular basis, you can steadily gain all the motivation you might have lost over the summer.
  • Sense of Responsibility
    • Learning how to rely on yourself again can definitely help in reigniting your passion for living and learning.
  • Sense of Self-Gratitude
    • While getting a college education is immeasurable, there are points during the journey when you may feel overwhelmed by this path. Remember to take a moment to realize how much you truly have to be grateful for.
    • At the top of your list should be the fact you’re a college student who has the opportunity to follow your passion and pursue your dream career.
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Marketing Internships at UF Health Communications – Spring and Summer 2019

UF Health Communications is interested in business students for paid marketing internships.

Internship Summary:

  • Writing and editing content for internal/external audiences.
  • Assists marketing coordinators with development and implementation of social media plans, blog writing and website content
  • Assists marketing coordinators in writing/editing patient education materials
  • Assists marketing coordinators in collecting patient stories, repurposing existing content for internal and external communications channels
  • Assists marketing coordinators in writing and creating physician bios.
  • Shadow or help with media assists, client meetings, photo/video shoots, special events, project management and budgeting.
  • Helps inform and engage diverse audiences by telling compelling stories that illustrate UF Health’s commitment to quality patient care, innovative research and health education to improve quality of life.


  • 15-20 hrs./week
  • Candidates must be enrolled as a university junior, senior or graduate student in a marketing, advertising or communications program
  • Experience writing for multimedia communications tools using Associated Press style
  • Ideal candidates will have already successfully completed a marketing internship

To apply and/or for more information, contact Alisha Katz @

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Career and Academic Peer Mentors (CAPs) in Summer 2018

The Career and Academic Peer Mentors (CAPS) have been busy this summer creating videos from their respective internship locations.

Attached is one such video!  To see them all, like the CAP Facebook page:


CAP office hours will commence on August 27th, in Heavener 236 from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm.

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Multicultural Mindfulness Course

If you are interested in multiculturalism and/or mindfulness, this special topics course may be for you!

There are limited seats in this course, so if you would like to register or if you have questions, contact

The class will be experiential, interactive, and will involve meaningful contributions. Culturally diverse community role models and emerging leaders will be sharing powerful perspectives regarding the intersectionality of visible and invisible identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, sexual/affectional orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, spirituality, religion, citizenship, age).

Multicultural mistakes are common and are found in helping professions, where benevolent people are intending to be of service. Mindfulness practices may help with emotional intelligence, self-regulation, awareness of oneself and others, empathy, compassion, and relationship repair.

Together, we can mindfully explore how we can be more conscious on individual and collective levels. Mindfulness can be applied personally and professionally, and can help us grow in our interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness, knowledge and skills.

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