In the Spring of 2019, I will be the instructor for MAN 4723 – Strategic Management (# 15953). 
My office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1030-1130 and by appointment. 

All required materials will be posted at the UF e-learning site.
In this section, I may post news or research articles that are relevant to the class and that may be of interest to you, but by no means necessary. 

  1. Apple and its external environment – “is iPhone the next Polaroid, Walkman or Palm Pilot?”
  2. What contributed to American Airline’s profit in 2018 (the airline industry case)- “American Airline Posts Profit on Higher Revenue, Despite Fuel-Cost Pressure”
  3. Surviving the decline of the toy industry (resources and capabilities lecture) – “Mattel, Hasbro Stung by Collapse of Toys `R’ US”
  4. The link between external environment and corporate strategy (resources and capabilities lecture) – “Amazon Cancels HQ2 Plans in New York City
  5. Product differentiation in response to sliding sales (competitive advantage in mature industries) – “Samsung Echoes Apple’s Smartphone Strategy With Expanded New Lineup (also features information on a foldable-screen smartphone called “Galaxy Fold”)
  6. Should we anticipate industry disruption? (industry cycle and evolution) – “Daimler and BMW announce $1.1 billion partnership in a bid to take on Uber” 
  7. From the retail king to bankruptcy (industry cycle and evolution) – “How Sears Lost the American Shoppers”
  8. Apple comes out of its comfort zone and look for growth potentials  (diversification strategy) – “With the iPhone Sputtering, Apple Bets Its Future on TV and News”