Jane Jeongin Park is a fourth-year doctoral student in Marketing at the University of Florida. Her research interests include judgment and decision making, social influences, goals and motivation, and similarity and comparison. Her dissertation focuses on how perceptions of one’s own decision-making style impacts financial decision avoidance. In her other projects, she explores the influence of social connections and identification on motivation. She has presented her research at Society for Consumer Psychology and the University of Houston Doctoral Symposium. In 2017, she received honorable mention in the Society for Consumer Psychology’s annual dissertation proposal competition. Before joining the PhD program, she earned her BA and MS in Marketing from Yonsei University in South Korea.

Research Interest

Judgment and Decision Making, Social Influences, Goals and Motivation, Similarity and Comparison


  • Park, Jane J. and Aner Sela. “Not My Type: Why Affective Decision-Makers Are Reluctant to Make Financial Decisions,” Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming.
    • 2017 SCP Dissertation Competition Runner-Up Award.
    • Press Coverage: USA Today
  • Koo, Minjung, Jane J. Park, and Joel Evans. “Double or Nothing? How Observing Another’s Contribution to a Collective Goal Impacts Motivation to Contribute,” revising for 3rd round, Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Park, Jane J. and Yanping Tu. “When Feeling Socially Connected Decreases Deliberative Thinking” (*equal contribution) (Manuscript in Preparation)
  • “Transfer of Sentimental Value” with Jeff Galak and Yang Yang. (Work in Progress)
  • “Strategic Choice of Sub-Goal Order” (Work in Progress)


PhD – Marketing, University of Florida, 2018 (Expected)
MA – Marketing, Yonsei University, 2013
BA – French Language and Literature and Business Administration, Yonsei University, 2011