• QMB 4702 — Managerial Operations Analysis II (Spring 2020, Online) 
    Rating: 4.42/5.00
  • QMB 4702 — Managerial Operations Analysis II (Fall 2019, Offline)
    Rating: 4.33/5.00


Teaching Assistant

  • ISM 6223 — Business Telecom Strategy and Application II (Master)
    Fall 2020
  • MAN 5502 — Production & Operations Management (Master)
    Fall 2020
  • MAN 6617 — International Logistics (EMBA)
    Summer 2020
  • QMB 6616 — Business Process Analysis (EMBA)
    Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020
  • MAN 5501 — Operations Management (online MBA)
    Summer 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Spring 2021
  • ISM 6405 — Business Intelligence (master)
    Fall 2019
  • IMEN 381 — Management Information Systems (undergrad.)
    Spring 2014
  • MEIE 811 — Special Topics in Advanced Technology Management (grad.)
    Fall 2013
  • IMEN 301 — Technology Management and Strategy (undergrad.)
    Fall 2013


Selected Students’ Comments about Instructor

  • He answers the emails really fast and with helpful information solving your doubts in no time. It looks like he really enjoys the topics he is teaching and he adapted really well his classes to an online environment.
  • Despite having to teach this course fully online when it was supposed to be in person, this professor did an amazing job. all of the video lectures were clear and easy to follow and I felt I was able to fully understand the concepts despite being online.
  • Despite unexpected circumstances, the instructor stayed up to date with all changes. He adapted quickly and effectively, making for an easy transition to an online course.
  • Effectively converting to online
  • I like how you use many examples to demonstrate the learning concepts. It helps me learn!
  • The professor explained the topics very thoroughly in a way that was easy to understand.
  • Extremely helpful and able to teach in a very comprehensible manner
  • Lectures were very clear and easy to learn from
  • Professionalism, kindness, caring for students, spiffy outfits
  • He is really friendly, patient, reasonable, and clearly wants us to succeed in his course. He was very willing to meet for office hours or during flexible times. He is receptive to feedback during the course and made small adjustments mid-way.
  • He is very responsive to questions and recommendations for the course. This allowed students to gain new and more efficient ways to study for exams and learn the material.
  • Very organized and interested in the material. Accessible and approachable.
  • His willingness to further explain concepts and detail. Also, breaking down the concept in ways it is simple to understand
  • Very nice and willing to explain concepts if a student didn’t understand. Tried to explain topics in a different way if the first way explained wasn’t clear


Selected Students’ Comments about My Course(s)

  • I would say this is one of the best courses I have taken at this university. It amazes me how much I have learned in the past few weeks, being this course just half a semester. So far I have learned about decision analysis, however some of these models I had already studied before. However this has been really useful for reviewing them, and most importantly I have learned about queuing theory. I have always been curious about queues and how to manage them and this was the perfect course to take. I am really happy I took this course, I am looking forward to the Project Management part as it looks interesting as well.
  • Queue theory which learned in class and also the use of excel are both very useful in the future. They are very close to daily life.
  • Definitely decision trees, as they allow you to make well–informed, good decisions.