2012 China Retail Study Tour

A total of 23 faculty and students visited Beijing, Yingkou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen in May 9 – May 27. Desitinations were selected to cover a range of cities varying in size, stage of ecnomic development, and regional culture. Students took a class on retailing in China before the study tour and completed research projects to learn about companies that the group visited. The study tour itineary included many briefings, meetings, guided tours, and discussions with municipal as well as national-level government agency leaders, executives in Chinese and foreigh-owned retailers, manufacturing and sourcing executives.

  • Company visits include Lenovo, Coach, Mark Fairwhale, Walmart Headquarters, Umbra, 360Buy,Onkyo, Brown Shoe Company, Collective Brands, Suning, 3SLift, RT MArt, Tesco, Sam’s Club China, Xinglong Family Business Group, Cosiway, Coco-Cola Bottling Plant, Yingkou University as well as store visits.
  • Government visits include US Commercial Services, Foreign Affairs Office,  and US Embassy, and China Chain Store and Franchise Association

2012 China study tour information is orgnized and prepared by the students who participated in the program.

Organizer – Rokeshia Ashley
Company briefs – Natalie Albert
Cultural analysis – Arlie Slonim
Photographer – Emily Robers

Hi.  I am Rokeshia.  I am the organizer of this blog but not the primary writer.  I have had a lot of help with compiling the stories of all of the Retailers various adventures to companies and through five different cities in China.

The contemplation of story lines, company briefs and photos, were developed by fellow Retailers who became dear friends of mine.  Emily captured every movement with a flash; Nathalie, documented every company visit meticulously, and Arlie used her previous China experience to reevaluate the culture.