Student Experience

Post-trip Projects: As post-trip assignments, graduate students submitted a company case report and undergraduate students submitted a mini-project on one of companies that they visited during the trip. The best papers were selected and awarded.

Graduate level: Company case report – “Carrefour in China – A Crossroad between East and West” by Lene Staertzel

Undergraduate level: Mini-project report – “IT Mall in Chengdu” by Preston Paynter

Ana Ansola: A famous Chinese proverb states “A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood.” Always known to be on the conservative side, my friends were all shocked that I had chosen to study abroad in China. Out of all the famous and more frequently traveled to destinations, China seemed to have been a spur of the moment, rebellious, and not carefully thought-out decision. …Read more

Anita Miller: There was no turning back. I paid my deposit and left the International Center and couldn’t believe that I was going to China. If felt surreal, China for three weeks touring every major city and meeting with government officials, CEOs, and expatriates. As I informed my family and friends they looked at me with shock, awe, and excitement. … Read more

Jason Alfson: On the China trip I learned a lot and made several observations. First, there were many lessons about the companies. Lenovo was impressive because of their overall business strategy. According to the meeting, Lenovo is adopting a long-term strategy in China. It is a strategy that is focused on investing heavily in the emerging markets in China such as the tier 3, 4 and 5 cities. … Read more

Julia Lulu: This retail study tour in China was my first time in China and I absolutely loved it. It was a great opportunity to learn about how retail business is practiced in China and also a great opportunity to experience a totally different culture.  Although my parents are Chinese and I have grown up in a Chinese household, it still did not fully prepare me for such a trip. … Read more

Kerry Cerwin: From The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City to Tea Gardens and The Panda Reserve, three weeks in six cities of China was an opportunity to learn, explore, and experience! It is hard to pinpoint the most enjoyable moments on the study tour, as we crammed so much excitement into each city. …Read more

Kevin Skolits: To be successful entering any foreign market, there are many things to consider. Aspects such as the competitive landscape, distribution networks, advertising, and marketing are all very important. However, in this paper, I am going to focus specifically on the influence of the Chinese culture and its effects on retail business in China. …Read more

Matt Coelho: Despite the omnipresent discussions about globalization and the technological revolution that is supposedly making the world a smaller, more homogenous place, a visit to China will reveal the vast differences that still exist. … Read more

Michael Treiser: China is a very large, dynamic, ambitious, complicated behemoth on the other side of the world. It is full of diverse peoples of varying cultures and many, many wants and desires to keep the government busy keeping the population busy well into the future. It is a state of one government but two systems, and is self-proclaimed communist with a growing affinity for free markets. … Read more

Phillip Moeller: I will look back on my three weeks in China as one of the greatest and most enriching experiences of my entire life.  I made some amazing friends, existed in a culture completely different from my own, and learned a lot about the retail and business environment within the country. … Read more

Elileen Cowdery: I was a little sad to leave Shanghai- the hustle and bustle was irresistible! I can see why so many American expatriates get sucked into the allure of China and decide to stay. … Read more

Tomei Thomas: After stumbling around Hou Hai, a beautiful lake area; renowned for its bars and “lady clubs,” many of us in our group of five, male partygoers began to desire a little more than what this tourist destination had to offer. Back at our hotel, we found ourselves speaking broken English to our concierge, Mr. Tan, and begging him for advice on the whereabouts of a local party scene. … Read more

Tyler Toth: Going on this study tour this summer was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  Traveling through Mainland China for close to a month was an eye-opening experience that has changed my life forever. … Read more