Stop 5: Shenzhen

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Day 1

Day 2
Canada-based manufacturer and distributor of window fashions, furniture, tabletop items and other housewares. Design studios in Toronto develop one new product every day, with goal of keeping product portfolio 20-30% “new” each year. About 75% of sales in North America, but virtually all production is offshore.  Known for innovative, artistic design.  Also toured Anbo, the manufacturing plant near the offices, that opened in 2003 and now makes 50% of all Asia-produced products.  Employee housing is on-site, and provided by the company.  The group toured a number of these apartments.

UMBRA Factory Tour

Day 3
Wal-Mart Headquarters and Sam’s Club:
Presentations by VP Merchandise Development and VP Real Estate, followed by brief tour of adjoining Sam’s Club – highest sales of any Walmart unit in the world.  Walmart grew from first store in Shenzhen (1996) to current employment of 66,000 people and Walmart, and another 28,000 in their TrustMart stores.  Described plan that includes developing different formats to serve multiple income groups, but placing them in the same general markets for sales and operating synergy.  Still maintain EDLP strategy.  Discussed ways of opening stores faster, cheaper, now in lower-tier cities, and how they work with government to build relationships and image as desirable employer.

Group Dinner and Cultural Experience