Stop 3: Chengdu

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Day 1
In Transit

Day 2
Commercial Services
The Panda Reserve Center

Tea House

Xindu Shopping District

Day 3
Bestton IT Mall:
Multi-level electronics, computer, camera and related accessories store.  Store opened in October 2000, and now has a 40% sgare of sales in southwest China, in its categories.  Urban setting, connected via subway stop in basement. 10 other stores across China. Follows traditional Chinese merchandising model, leasing space to vendors; brand-based.

Hongqi Supermarket: Store tour only.  A smaller-format grocery, with no fresh foods.  Instead, features packaged items, snacks, dried/smoked foods.

Walmart: Store tour only. Very large, two-store store – one floor devoted entirely to food and grocery items, the other to apparel and general merchandise.

Group Dinner and Cultural Experience