2011 China Retail Study Tour

A total of 26 faculty and students visited Beijing, Yingkou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to learn about China’s business practices and the global constraints within which businesses must operate. These cities were selected to give the students the opportunity to understand the diverse consumer demands in a variety of economic and regional environments.

Along the way, the group was briefed by Chinese government agencies and officials, the Chamber of Commerce (U.S. International), legal and consulting companies and toured new developments in Yingkou. In addition, they met with executives from Chinese and multinational retail firms, including Walmart and Gap-China. They toured stores and other shopping venues, as well as savor local culture.

In preparation, students have studied Chinese business and completed related pre-trip assignments. After returning, they used their first-hand experience of the diversity of this large country and how it affects retailing, to complete their projects.

Program developer: Hyunjoo Oh
Accompanying faculty: Steve Kirn
Cecilia Schulz
Elinore Fresh