Stop 5: Shanghai

Day 11 (May 20th):

Shanghai City Supermarket: Presentation by City Supermarket President Mr. Cui Yi Xiong on inventory selection, product sourcing, and marketing. Mr. Cui discussed how the company does market research to find popular products from many countries overseas to sell to mainly high income Chinese, expatriates, or study abroad students. They get most of their products imported into China, and therefore have a wider selection of products than their local competitors. The President also mentioned the simplification of sourcing through the use of the company’s own farm. The students got to look around the different floors of the supermarket to see what international products are being sold, how the products are organized, and how products they recognize from the U.S. compare in form and price. Students were also treated to lunch at the lunch buffet the supermarket offers to attract families into shopping there.

Day 12 (May 21st):

Baosteel: Visit to a factory in the outskirts of Shanghai that produces steel and iron. The tour began with a drive around the area the factories are located in (near the Yangtze River). During the factory visit, the group put on helmets and went into the factory to see how the metals are produced. Inside, there were stairs going up that led to a straight pathway for the group to get an overhead tour of the whole production process. The tour guide explained to the group how the company is doing in terms of production ranking globally, and how its products are used by numerous industries. The students also got to experience the extreme heat inside the factory, and learned that the company only has a handful of employees working there.

Online Design Ltd.: Presentation by General Manager Mr. Theo Wit, Owner and Fashion Designer Mrs. Maureen Wit, and Management Assistant Mr. Fons’t Hart on how the company handles operations in both the Shanghai and Hong Kong offices in designing, production, marketing, tailoring, and retail. Mr. Wit let his intern Mr. Hart, who is around the students’ age, to present the introduction of the company and his experience so far to give the students a chance to think about their careers ahead of them. Later, Mr. Wit and Mrs. Wit discussed their design process, how the company participates in fashion shows, and how the company hopes to enter the retail industry later in the year. The visit concluded with a tour around the office to visit the separate departments, see how the office is decorated to inspire creativity, and see the raw materials, style boards, and actual pieces produced for display.

Burberry Flagship Store Visit: Short visit to see how the store’s digital installations works along with the store displays and marketing of their products.

Dinner with Lawyer: Dinner with an American lawyer working in China and former law professor who talked about the culture, economic/political conditions in China, and international business/law. He talked about some cases he has handled so far and the processes it took to complete the cases. He also talked about the economic phenomenon behind the hu kou and the relocation to “megalopolises.” The lawyer was very generous and also shared stories he had with his former law students with the group.

Day 13 (May 22nd):

Jack Wolfskin: Presentation by Mr. Josh Pearl on how the Chinese economy and culture affects doing business there. Mr. Pearl shared his view and experiences, talked about how the trends he sees can possibly be used for conducting business, and also recommended books for the students to read regarding the international business arena. Students were also able to easily relate with Mr. Pearl due to his background as an American citizen.

UCCAL Fashion Group: Presentation by Creative Director Mr. Edward Moura on how UCCAL operates several different luxury brand names under one company. Mr. Moura shared with the students the marketing strategies that the company has implemented, as well as his experience in both the fashion industry and the Chinese business world since arriving to China. Students also got to see a collection of pictures showing the store layouts of different brands, and received a tour of the office and store model replicas displaying how products should be placed in actual stores.

Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise Tour: River cruise tour at night to see the Shanghai nightlife when the city is bustling with activity and bright lights. Company signs and advertisements dotted the river, as well as tourists.

Day 14 (May 23rd):

Outback Steakhouse: Presentation by General Manager Mr. Alex Zhou, Store Manager Ms. Karen Zhang, Restaurant Manager Ms. Jessie Jin, and Kitchen Manager Mr. Jinming on the operations of that restaurant, how Outback is doing in China, how the company positions and markets itself in China, and how it is similar or different to the U.S. Outback restaurants. The executives also shared with the group some interesting store statistics and the issue of retaining employees as today’s Chinese youth desire better jobs. The group got a tour of the kitchen and had lunch with the executives after the presentation.

Transit by train to Beijing