Stop 4: Guangzhou

Chimelong Animal Circus Show (May 15th): Indoor circus show with a variety of animals, different types of acts and dances. Students got to see the white tiger and elephants perform, a diving show, and motorcyclists riding inside a sphere cage among the many acts performed during the night.

Day 7 (May 16th):

U.S. Commercial Service Office: Presentation by Commercial Officer Mr. Jay Biggs, Commercial Specialist Ms. Veronica Liang, and Commercial Clerk Ms. Jenesy Wang on the office’s role in helping U.S. companies enter the Chinese market, especially in the Guangzhou and surrounding area. Students learned about the Pearl River Delta area, the current Chinese economic situation, and how the Embassy’s employees help their U.S. clients increase exports or get started properly in China.

Shamian Island: An island in the Guangdong province with streets dotted with historical buildings, statues, and nature. The group walked along the avenues, took pictures, and then walked to a nearby typical Chinese outdoor market.

Day 8 (May 17th): Cultural Appreciation

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall: Visit to the Guangzhou Sun Yat-Sen monument in honor of the revolutionist and founding father of the Republic of China. Students got to see the theater inside, as well as artifacts with relation to Sun Yat-Sen.

Chen Clan Academy: Visit to ancient academic temple in Guangzhou that hosted numerous imperial exam takers for the time prior to the exam. The temple now serves as a museum that displays folk artwork. The group got the opportunity to go inside the temple and look at the art pieces, architecture, gardens, and gift shops.

Chimelong Group: Presentation by General Manager Mr. Tony Sze on the operations of the Chimelong Resort Park, which includes a safari park, amusement park, water park, circus, and a luxury hotel. Mr. Sze discussed the founder and sole owner Mr. Su Zhigang to a large extent because the company’s success is largely due to Mr. Su’s dream, hard work, and risk-taking. Students learned about Mr. Su’s humble past as a farmer, how he developed the business, and also about Chimelong’s new resort in the nearby city of Zhuhai.

Day 9 (May 18th): Free Day

Day 10 (May 19th):

Starwood Hotel Call Center: Presentation by Mr. Wijaya Chew-Suyanto and Ms. Rebecca Cai on the history of the company and the call center’s role in helping manage Starwood’s numerous hotel chains. The call center takes calls to help fulfill guest requests or handle guest complaints. The students learned about the training that each employee must go through to work at the call center, got a tour of the whole office, and received the opportunity to shadow a couple of customer service representatives to get a better understanding of how they do their jobs. Afterwards, the students had lunch with the executives in the Prego restaurant at the nearby Westin Hotel, where students got to interact more with the executives as well as join the Starwood Preferred Guests rewards program.

Y&R: Presentation by Senior Planner Mr. Kaco Zhang and Secretary & Operation Assistant Ms. Hailey Huang on the economic history of China over the years, consumer trends, and the marketing/advertising industry in China. The executives showed the class some clips of commercials the company has produced recently to get a better idea of what the advertising agency does for its clients.

Transit by plane to Shanghai