Stop 1: Hong Kong

Day 1 (May 10th): Arrival

Day 2 (May 11th): Free Day


Harbour City Mall: Visit to the Harbour side mall with a variety of name-brand stores. The class took a visit to Toys R Us there, where students got to see how toys are displayed and organized in sections to better appeal to the Chinese consumers, and what toy brands are rather prominent there.

City Supermarket Hong Kong: Short visit to see how the supermarket operates in Hong Kong. Located in a busy mall in Causeway Bay.

Ladies Market: Visit to the famous Mong Kok outdoor shopping area with many stalls and shops that sell clothing, shoes, accessories, souvenirs and more. Many students visited the area and bargained for things. The market had certain streets that cars can go through, and other smaller ones that only pedestrians and shoppers can enter.

Day 3 (May 12th):

JCPenney: Presentation by Operations Manager Mr. Conrad Chan, Senior Merchandise Manager Mr. Ringo Lam, and International Technical Design Manager Ms. Clara Lam on the operations and responsibilities of the JCPenney sourcing office in Hong Kong and how it supports main headquarters as well as their other sourcing office counterparts. This office handles product quality, logistics, and transporting products to the United States, as there are currently no JCPenney stores located in China. Students learned about business concerns in human capital and sourcing, and had an interactive overview of the product and technical design aspects of the fashion industry. Following the meeting, the students had a lunch at a Dim Sum restaurant with the presenters.

Ocean Park: Presentation by Executive Director of Hotel & Hospitality Mr. Paul Pei on Ocean Park’s past endeavors regarding marketing, its financial picture over the years and the implementation of the park’s current plans. Mr. Pei presented a case study of the park, briefly covered the competition with Disney, showed the students some ads produced in the past, and emphasized the importance of creating “need” and “being hungry.” The group then had free time around the theme park to see picturesque views of the mountains and water, go on rides, and visit animal exhibits.

Hong Kong Avenue of Stars: Chinese version of California’s Walk of Fame, featuring stars such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and other prominent people of the Hong Kong film industry. Walk stretches along Victoria Harbour.

Victoria Harbour: The group watched the light show at night by the harbourside and saw the night come alive in Hong Kong as buildings lit up, boats sail past, and the signs of major global corporations shine across the waters.

Day 4 (May 13th):

DFS Group Limited: Presentation by Senior Manager of Human Resources and Global Merchandising Ms. Gena Rubia, and Vice President of Planning Fashion Ms. Megan Escamilla on offering luxury goods in Fashion & Accessories, Beauty & Fragrances, Watches & Jewelry, and Wines & Spirits to international consumers on the go. Students got to hear about different Duty Free Shops at airports around the world, as well as how the company decides what products to place in different countries, how products get sourced, and how DFS does retailing and marketing. Following the presentation, the students received a tour of the T-galleria store (a department store with a variety of luxury brands) to see how products are displayed to best attract the consumer.

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Presentation on how U.S. Dick’s Sporting Goods stores get their products produced and in their retail stores. This Hong Kong office is a sourcing office that facilitates the sourcing process, making sure both the private and exclusive brands the company owns arrives safely in U.S. stores. The sourcing office has the main task of turning headquarter designs into products while ensuring quality and low cost.

Transit by bus to Shenzhen