Student Experiences

Testimonials from Students:

Daniel Milstein – Sophomore, Economics and Political Science Major: “I don’t quite know where to begin or if I can adequately express how impactful these past few weeks were for me, but I will try. From the company visits to the cultural excursions and everything in between, I couldn’t have asked for a better first study abroad experience. The study tour was a remarkable introduction not only to the dynamics of international business, foreign trade, and the Chinese market. Also, I was exposed to the complex web of all that is China and the Chinese way of life. This experience has positively changed my way of thinking about the world – it has cultivated in me a deep-rooted international perspective that has brought the world closer together, while simultaneously fostering a greater appreciation for its cultural diversity. Put simply, the China Study Tour is one of the coolest, most intriguing experiences I have had to date.”

Daniella Score – Junior, Economics Major: “Leaving China after three weeks was very bitter sweet. I will definitely miss being surrounded by the different culture and learning beyond what I would ever be able to in the classroom. I had an extremely positive experience; I feel like I could travel anywhere in the world and be able to figure my way around. This trip allowed me to grow as an individual and as a student and humbled me in a way I didn’t think was possible. I hope to be able to return to China, and explore Asia several more times. The only reason I am able to say that is because this trip gave me the confidence to explore new things and take advantage of every opportunity. I am now confident in my knowledge of this Chinese consumer, market place and how an international business works. I will never forget what I learned and was able to experience throughout the trip.”

Jennifer Sato – Graduate, Masters in International Business: “This trip has been a wonderful learning experience. I never expected that I would learn as much as I did about the companies we visited, or China’s business environment as a whole. It was a very eye-opening experience, and I am so grateful that I had to opportunity to participate!”

Kristina Chen – Senior, Management Major: “I honestly can say that I learned much more than I imagined, visiting numerous companies, networking with Chinese executives, and experiencing Chinese culture whether it be haggling for goods at the markets, eating the delicious food, or visiting the beautiful cultural sites. I highly recommend the UF China Retail Study Tour to any individual, especially those interested in possibly working in China in the future. I think the study tour gave us all a really great perspective on what it would be like working and living in China. I want to thank Dr. Oh, for organizing this whole trip and truly making it one of the best experiences I have ever had. I can’t thank Dr.Oh enough for providing this opportunity and experience for all of us. I feel much more knowledgeable about China and I look forward to traveling there again in the future.”

Wes Bryant – Senior, Industrial Engineering Major: “The 2013 China Study Tour was an amazing experience which opened my eyes to the growing business opportunities in both Hong Kong and China. The industry speakers we visited in China were outstanding and allowed our student group to gain insight into various aspects of managing a company in the Chinese market. The cultural experiences allowed our student group to comprehend the cultural influences upon companies in China and the importance of adapting to the many different local cultures. Overall, I would highly recommend this study tour to students of all majors. As an engineering major, I found it useful to gain a more global insight into the operations of companies. I was also surprised by all the highly successful engineers our group encountered while touring China. My experiences on this tour have encouraged me to pursue more study abroad programs in the near future.”

John Parady – Senior, Marketing Major: “Upon returning to the US, I had taken over 4000 photographs and was grateful for the three weeks we spent in China. I could not have learned more and can’t wait to return!”

Lauren Lundberg 
- Graduate, Masters in Entrepreneurship: “The countdown and anticipation to go to China for the first time is over. I was fortunate to fit the China Retail Study Tour into my master’s program at the University of Florida. Not only we were able to experience China, including climbing the great wall! We were able to get the insiders scoop by meeting with company executives, factories and government officials that a typical traveler would not have access too. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!”  

Victoria Ramunno – Junior, Management Major: “I cannot believe I am back home after such an amazing adventure. It went by so fast but these are all memories that I will have for the rest of my life.”

Julie Flett – Franchise Broker at “I have travelled to Asia in the past for as a tourist. This experience was vastly different. As a group we had a lot of fun in our free time and saw many historical sites. The journey with Dr. Oh and her students as a business study group was enhanced by the knowledge and experiences shared by the executives. The executives expanded our understanding of international challenges and successes in a real way. The executives invited the entire group to discuss the challenges they face and they listened to the ideas of each person in the group. We were not learning about international business from a book but from the people living the experience. Listening to the many diverse ideas from the students challenged me to be more creative in my thinking. The opportunity to travel with a business study group is one that I would recommend to other business leaders in any industry. I honestly felt that I learned more in this three week journey than I ever learned in a semester at my university. It was a memorable trip that I will always treasure.