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Warrington Diplomats Application

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  • Warrington Diplomats Application

    We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a member of the Warrington Diplomats!

    The Warrington Diplomats, the official ambassadors for the Warrington College of Business Administration, are a highly motivated and committed group of students selected through a competitive application process by the Heavener School of Business.

    The value of the Warrington Diplomats lies in their ability to create and reinvent ideas, programs and services that address the needs of undergraduate business students. All members have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and give back to the college by servicing the students. New ideas are welcomed and will be integrated into the existing programs of the Warrington Diplomats.

    While serving in this esteemed and highly visible position, the Diplomats serve the Heavener School of Business by conducting tours, providing registration assistance, developing student programs, and by serving as mentors. The Diplomats are trained to conduct resume and mock interview assistance for fellow students. As representatives of the WCBA, the Diplomats are involved in public relations events on and off campus and act as resource people regarding college policies, procedures, and programs to new and current students. The visibility, training, and experience gained as a Diplomat are invaluable assets in the professional development process.

    Again, we are glad you are interested in becoming a Warrington Diplomat. Should you have any questions, please email lesley.harris@warrington.ufl.edu.

    Lesley Harris, Advisor to the Warrington Diplomats
    Andrea Kovacs, President
    June Lee, Vice President, Programming
    Liz Kleinfeld, Vice President, Professional Development
    Sarah Hayes, Vice President, Outreach
    Kelsey Loftin, Vice President, Administration
  • Diplomats are responsible and professional individuals who enjoy meeting and working with their peers and community, and have great communications skills and a strong sense of commitment to the University of Florida and the Warrington College of Business Administration. To ensure the quality of the Warrington Diplomats, each member must be an upper-division student (Junior or Senior) and must maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA. In addition to the necessary qualities and responsibilities listed previously, each Diplomat will be required to attend 1.5-hour bi-weekly meetings covering topics including training, scheduling, and necessary updates from the organization. He/she will serve on a committee that meets during the last half-hour of each meeting. These committees are responsible for the general promotion of the Warrington Diplomats, member morale within the organization, and planning and coordinating our events, to name a few. The Diplomats are expected to commit a significant amount of time to the organization. Although it varies throughout the year, members of the Diplomats should be prepared to devote 2-4 hours per week to training, meetings, tours, and other duties.

    Warrington Diplomats will be responsible for the following:

      Drop/Add & Advance Registration Tabling
      Warrington Diplomats help the School of Business during its busiest times of the year: Drop/Add and Advance Registration. The Diplomats answer basic advising questions and give advice to students to help decrease the wait time to speak with a business advisor.

      Warrington Diplomat Events
      Ace the Showcase Career Quest
      Internship Panel
      Honor's Thesis Luncheon
      FLA Prep
      Etiquette Made Easy
      Leadership Ventures

      Service on a Committee
      Resume Critique & Mock Interview

      Serve as Ambassadors
      Alumni Cafe Lunch Series
      WCBA Campus Tours
      Diplomat Podcast
      Host WCBA Leadership Ventures

    My initials below indicate I am qualified, available, and willing to serve in this capacity if selected to be a Warrington Diplomat.
  • Selection Timeline

    Friday, February 13 at 9:00a              -   Applications become available

    Wednesday, March 11 at 6:00p             -   Meet and Greet in HVNR 130 (Student Commons)

    Friday, March 13 by 4:00p                    -   Application Deadline

    Upon Application Submission               -   Warrington Diplomats Interview sign-up

    Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 20   -   Interviews

    Tuesday, March 24                               -   Selection Announcement

    Tuesday, April 7 at 6:15p                      -   1st General Meeting

    Tuesday, April 21 at 6:00p                    -   Induction Banquet (Location: TBA)

    Thursday, April 22 at 6:00p                   -   CCLD Awards Banquet (Location: TBA)
  • Each member must have and maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA.
  • example@ufl.edu (must be ufl.edu account)
  • (352)273-0177
  • Please Indicate your plans during each of the semesters below: